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Some foreign enterprise will consider entrusting a professional accounting outsourcing firm to operate their accounting related affair at the start up stage. However, there is various outsourcing firm in the market, how to choose a suitable outsourcing firm work for you?

一、 选择代理记账的好处

The advantage of choosing the accounting outsourcing firm

1、 服务专业

Professional services


Accounting is divided into commercial accounting, industrial accounting, cost accounting, investment accounting. In some large company, accounting department is consisted by several accountants, they focus on different area, require proficiency and high quality accounting knowledge. However, small-size company is involved in different field of area which is the same as large company. However, due to the workload is low in the small company; they only hire one accounting person to take care the whole accounting progress. However, one person is limited by the knowledge structure; it will affect the quality of the accounting job. An accounting outsourcing firm can solve such kind of problem. Outsourcing firm is verified by the Ministry of Finance Bureau, and registered in Industrial and Commercial Bureau, it is standard and reliable. A good outsourcing firm is led by senior accountants, reasonably structured accounting team, possess professional complementary, mutual cooperation, thus you could have a professional accounting team by hiring a good outsourcing firm.


Cost saving

招聘一名涉外会计,每月费用昂贵,与代理记账公司合作,支付不到一个会计人员的费用,可享受更专业化的服务。聘用会计人员在工资之外要缴纳养老、失业、医疗、公积、生育、工伤等社会保险或综合保险,发生意外(如上下班途中受伤)还有劳保等一系列劳动用工方面的费用支出,有的企业还要考虑吃住和其他福利等。 新劳动合同法实施后对社保要求更严格,还有各种新增补偿等费用,人员成本明显增加。找财务公司代理记账则不存在这些问题。

Hiring a foreign-related professional accountant is quite expensive, however, cooperate with an outsourcing firm, and pay only one accountant’s fee can benefit high quality accounting services. Further, the enterprise have to undertake employee’s social security, unemployment fund, housing fund, maternity fund, injury fund etc. if the employee have accident (e.g. Get injury on the way of work), the company has a series of labour costs; some company will also bear employee’s meal, accommodation and other benefit. The new Labour Contract Law request more restrict implementation on the social security, and compensation cost, the cost burden is increasing by the firm. However, entrust an outsourcing company could avoid these costs.


Ongoing accounting work


If the employed accountant has demission, the handover accounting work will affect on the company regular operation, it will also cost time and efforts to hire a suitable candidate. The outsourcing firm possesses a professional team to ensure continuous work in accounting.


Clearance of legal liability

一般单位会计纳税申报如发生误报、漏报、迟报,补缴税款、滞纳金、罚款等责任和经济损失仍主要由单位承担。 代理记账公司有专人审核报税,能有效避免因不熟悉税法,出现误报、漏报、迟报等差错和损失,还可在代理记账委托协议中约定相关责任。

If the employed accountant causes misdeclaration, fail declaration, late declaration, conscience money, overdue fine, penalty during the tax filing process, the company shall undertake the liability and related loss. However, accounting outsourcing firm has assigned person to take care the tax filing verification, to avoid the mistake caused by short of knowledge in the tax issue. The accounting outsourcing agreement is also has provision of the mutual liability. 



How to choose suitable accounting outsourcing firm, below are the steps we suggest

1、 是否具备代理记账资格?

Whether possess accounting outsourcing qualification


In order to assess the firm has qualification to engage in the accounting outsourcing field, you could require the firm present business license and accounting outsourcing qualification which approved by the Ministry of Finance Bureau. In the meantime, to check the fund date of the firm could help to deduce the experience of the company.


Whether retain the highly skilled accounting talent with full-time?


Some low-level outsourcing firm use Part-time accountants to provide accounting service for their clients in order to reducing overhead at the cost of stability and quality of the service provided. However we couldn’t agree with that and we think it’s not just a matter of money, you need an experienced partner who value their clients as much as you do.


Therefore, you must ensure a good and reliable third party assistance that can handle such issues for your company and thus, take it on the path of progress.


Whether possess the qualification of Foreign Service?


In PRC most outsourcing firms are taking the domestic company as service object and shorting of the accounting requirement for foreign company, So these kinds of firms don’t possess the capacity and experience for foreign service.


In foreign company the accountant is required to make paperwork and communicate with foreign part in foreign language. So foreign language is a must to a outsourcing firm who provide service with foreign company oriented


Suggest the foreign company to entrust an outsourcing firm who mainly cooperate with the foreign affairs.


Whether has the sufficient experience for foreign company?


You can get in touch with the previous clients of your preferred outsourcing firm, to gather qualitative information about their work strategy and time management and this sort of comparison will allow you to assess their sincerity towards work.


Whether has the regulated facility and workplace?


You should try to get complete information about their work environment and location of workplace, the source of talents, the business reputation and the other factor. Choosing a partner with creditability and reliability would be an effective method to reduce risk.


We suggest you’d better have an On-site visit to your preferred outsourcing firm before making decision.


Whether provide integrated service content?


Besides daily accounting job as bookkeeping, tax return, some outsourcing firm could provide finance consulting, finance analysis, tax planning and other specific service for clients. So you could make a comparison of the service content provided by different outsourcing firm and opt one as your reliable partner.


Whether the price offered is reasonable.


It’s not wise to evaluating the reasonableness by price solely.

We wish you could make a comprehensive consideration about above six points and find high-cost-effective outsourcing firm for your company.


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